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Year-End Newsletter 2019-Check out what we've been up to--including our new Math Library!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Dear Friends of MAPS,

Happy New Year! I would like to pause to thank you and provide a brief update on this year's activities of the Math for Adults Foundation. We also would like to invite each of you to share in our mission to strengthen families, schools, and communities as we have numerous volunteer and sponsorship opportunities available in 2020.

Jackson County (GA) School System completed their series of monthly math nights with over 250 individuals attending at least one math night. We enjoyed seeing multiple generations thinking about math together!

College math students assisted in coordinating and presenting a Math Night for the local community as a service learning project at Southern Crescent Technical College that is one of our community partners. SCTC students have likewise been involved in creating answer keys for MAPS. Thanks to each student that participated and to the Griffin Spalding County School System for assisting with promotions.

Thank you to our community partner, UGA Griffin Math Education, for donating hundreds of volumes of K-8 math curriculum that parents and teachers may now check out from the MAPS Foundation Math Library. Publisher Hayden McNeil donated 5 sets of Math for Parents Curriculum as well. Those interested may contact the Math for Adults Foundation at 309-287-2373 to borrow books for a semester.

Website updates-All Math for Parents curriculum may now be downloaded for free from our website Many thanks to David Gay and Marta Civil at The University of Arizona for their seminal work in developing this curriculum and sharing it with the MAPS Foundation. Also thanks to Southern Crescent Technical College for providing a Federal Work Study student to complete the website updates.

Math for Parents Curriculum has been shared with LifeChangers Legacy for distribution in the prisons to assist inmates with GED preparation.

Thank you to Co-founder, Catherine Brame, who has completed a three-year tenure of service on the board, donating many hours of legal and personal advice regarding the MAPS foundation. We sincerely appreciate her donations of time and expertise and wish her well as she retires from the board.

We are pleased to welcome new board member, Debbie Hudson, a math teacher at Rehoboth Rd. Middle School in Griffin, GA. Debbie holds a graduate degree from UGA Griffin in Math Education and leads parent engagement in her school. Finally, she comes with experience as a math night facilitator and coordinator. We are truly blessed to have her join our team.

As we look forward to 2020, we are planning several initiatives.

*We are excited to launch our weekly MAPS blog and invite you to check it out at Math and family resources are also available free of charge on our website.

*We plan to expand our Professional Development MOOC to include online GED Instructor training. Our goal is to train GED instructors in offering Math Nights that will include parents and children, thereby creating a learning community within the family that benefits the economic base of the home while at the same time impacting student achievement. Thank you to advisory board member, Racheal Landers for her many hours of hard work on the MOOC project.

*Promote quality GED instruction within the prison system.

*Continue our focus on offering Math Nights and Math Night Professional Learning for teachers.

To achieve these and future goals, we seek volunteers and sponsorships:

Corporate and individual sponsorships:

$10/mo or $100/yr-Bronze,

$25/mo or $250/yr-Silver,

$100/mo or $1000/yr-Gold,

$1000/mo or $10,000/yr-Platinum.

In-kind donations-Community Partner

Volunteer Needs:

Promotions (1-5 hrs/week)

Social Media (1-5 hrs/week)

Grant Writing (as per availability)

Blog editing (15 min/week)

Video editing (as per availability)

Website development (as per availability)

Office manager (1-2 hrs/month)

Math Night Volunteers (Background checked individuals are especially needed.)

Prayer Partners (for families we serve)

We are excited as we continue to expand and reach additional families, schools, and communities through multiple audiences. Thank you for your past support, and we wish you the best in 2020!


Andrea Knapp, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Math for Adults Foundation


(Photo courtesy of Jackson County (GA) School System)

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