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Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
Facilitator/Coordinator Training Videos, Powerpoints, manipulative templates, virtual manipulatives, handouts.
Session 1 Part I
Session 1 Part II
Session 1 Part III
Session 2 Part I
Session 2 Part II
Session 2 Part III
Session 3 Part I
Session 3 Part II
Session 3 Part III
Session 4 Part I
Session 4 Part III
Session 5 Part I
Session 4 Part II
Session 5 Part II
Session 5 Part III
Session 6 Part II
Session 6 Part I
Session 6 Part III
Session 7 Part I
Session 7 Parts II, III
Session 8 Part I
Session 8 Parts I, II, III
Powerpoints to accompany Math and Parent Partners (MAPPS)
Math Awareness Workshops
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