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Math for Parents 5-8 Workshop Materials (English and Spanish)

1. My Giant (Proportional Reasoning) 
Measurement (Solve a problem using ratio and proportion)

6. Probability (Chance and Predictions) 
Data Analysis and Probability (Understand and apply basic concepts of probability)

2. Garage Patterns (Exploring Patterns and Equations) 
Algebra (Tables, graphs, and rules (or equations))
Connections (Build on participants current mathematical ideas about patterns to develop new ideas) 

7. Wrap It Up! (Geometry: Netting) 
Geometry (Netting, Visualize three dimensional objects and their two-dimensional nets)

3. Styles in Tiles (Developing Spatial Sense) 
Geometry (Spatial Sense)
Algebra (Computation using cost factors)

8. Show Me the Money (Compound Interest on Spreadsheets) 
Number and Operations (Percent, decimals)
Algebra (Compound Interest, exponential growth, writing formulas
Representation (Calculate interest rate by using calculator and spreadsheet on the computer)

4. Problem Solving (Logic and Reasoning) 
Problem Solving (Adapt and apply a variety of appropriate strategies to solving an open-ended problem)
Reasoning and Proof (Make assumptions and develop a convincing argument about their solution to the problem)

9. Back to the Future (Using Communication Technology for Mathematics) 

Technology Principle (Enriches students learning of mathematics)

5. Distance Around (Investigating Pi) 
Measurement (Measure circular objects, ratio)
Geometry (Radius, diameter, circumference, pi)

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