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Math for Parents K-4 Workshop Materials (English and Spanish)

1. What is Multiplication? (Groups, Rows, and Columns) 
Reasoning and Proof (Multiplication, arrays, patterns, generalizations)

2. Number Sense (Using Games to Develop Number Sense) 
Number and Operations (Mental addition computation)

3. Step by Step (Exploring Alternative Algorithms) 
Numbers and Operations (Various methods for multiplying whole numbers

4. Problem Solving (Logic and Reasoning) 
Problem Solving (Adapt and apply a variety of appropriate strategies to solving an open-ended problem)
Reasoning and Proof (Make assumptions and develop a convincing argument about their solution to the problem)

5. What is Geometry? (Exploring 2-Dimensional Shapes) 
Geometry (Attributes of 2-dimensional objects)

6. Raggedy Anne’s Party (Equity Activity) 
Equity Principle (Mathematics can and must be learned by all students)
Communication Principle (Use the language of mathematics to communicate)

7. Understanding Data (Collecting and Analyzing Data) 
Data and Analysis (Collect data, graph the data, analyze the data)

8. Patterns (Exploring Patterns and Repeating Units) 
Algebra (Represent and analyze patterns and functions, using words, tables, and graphs)
Connections (Build on participants current mathematical ideas about patterns to develop new ideas)

9. Equal or Not? (= : What Does it Mean?) 
Algebra (Meaning of the equals sign)

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