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Our main focus in this program is to strengthen families, schools and our communities as a whole.  With your help, we will be able to share resources that increase mathematical achievement, build basic understanding and strengthen attitudes towards mathematics.  

By donating $25.00 or more monthly, you will help us achieve our current funding needs as listed below.

1. A bronze-level donation of $100  covers the cost for an individual to attend an 8-week Mini-course, prompting an understanding of simple mathematics.

2. A silver-level donation of $250 will fund manipulatives, door prizes, and promotional costs for a math night.
3. A donation of $400 will cover funding for a school to hold a virtual math night facilitated by the Math for Adults (MAPS) Foundation.
4.  A gold-level donation of $1000 will provide one organization the ability to offer a face-to-face math night facilitated by and coordination team led by the MAPS Foundation.

5.  A donation of $5000 will provide facilitation and consultation for the coordination team for an 8-week Mini-course (ie, churches, school systems, home school groups and other non-profit organizations). 

6. A platinum-level donation of $12,000 will cover the cost of the operations for two years.

7. A donation of $40,000 would cover the cost of operations and multiple Mini-course programming for a year.

7. Funding a donation of $1M would fund the Math for Adults Foundation long-term!

     Thank you for choosing to donate to the MAPS         foundation and helping us change lives one math     problem at a time!

Math for Adults Foundation
244 Steele Rd
Milner, GA 30257
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 All donations and funding are controlled by the MAPS Foundation and will be distributed as needed. If MAPS cannot honor the requested category you chose above, they will distribute the money where it is most needed at the given time. 
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