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COVID-19 day 2: Set a schedule

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Your first priority for schooling from home? Start with a daily schedule. Don't feel pressured to follow a normal school schedule with children sitting quietly for long periods of time. Your job as a parent is to organize and manage*.

Here are some ideas to get you started. You fill in the times.

1. Dress and have breakfast. Read something inspirational together and/or sing a few songs.

2. Clean-up time- Everyone in the household should pitch in at the same time to make beds, do dishes, and straighten the house from the night before. Assign each person an area to tidy up according to their age.

3. School time- Some children work well independently and will want to get done with school as quickly as possible (an hour or two) so they can have lots of play time in the afternoon. Others will need you to sit with them to help them stay on track. Younger children or children with short attention spans will need recess breaks between subjects (e.g. 30 min writing, then 15 min recess, 20 min reading, recess until lunch, 30 min math outside after lunch). Overlap subjects where possible. You can have them write about science or read about Social Studies. Remember that less is more. A few quality math problems done well and deeply will help them learn better than a page to labor over.

4. Finally, make an age appropriate chore list for them to check off. When done, they can play!

5. You need a break and so do the children. Set aside quiet reading time where everyone finds a quiet corner or sunny spot outside to read. This is also a great bedtime habit to help them get to sleep away from blue screen light.

6. Most important--SMILE--look deep into their eyes and smile. Enjoy them, learn with them, and play with them.

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