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Free Math Practice & Videos

The online school, Art of Problem Solving, provides free computerized math practice problems that adapt to the student’s level. If students are struggling, they get more practice. If they are getting stronger, the system provides more challenging questions. Students get two chances per problem, and if they miss them, solutions are provided. They can also ask questions about the problem on a discussion board moderated by the school. Free math videos are available too.

Problems are mostly aimed at the middle and high school levels, but many elementary students needing a challenge do great in Alcumus.

As I work with children on computer-based math practice, I find it helpful to work with them on the first one or two to get them going. I also like to be within ear shot if they have a question. My goal is for them to grow more and more into independent learners, without them developing misconceptions because they were too independent.

Of course, the school’s goal in offering the free resources is to get you to sign up for classes or buy their textbooks. Art of Problem Solving offers a lot in terms of math contests as well, and they specialize in serving advanced students.

Free Online Math Practice-Alcumus

Free Math Videos

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