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Games to reinforce math concepts

There are plenty of board games and card games that include mathematical concepts and/or can be used as math lessons. Some can even be played over the phone!

Here are examples of games and math concepts they reinforce:

Battleship: Coordinates, can easily be played over the phone

Monopoly- Multidigit addition and subtraction, percentages for tax, doubles

Farming Game-Multidigit addition and subtraction

Sorry-sums on dice, backwards, forwards

Parcheesi-sums on dice, doubles

Uno-matching colors and numbers

Settlers of Catan-probability (The dots on the letters show increased likelihood of rolling sum.)

Yahtzee-multiplication facts, addition

Scrabble-addition, doubling, tripling, spelling. Fast Scrabble can be played over the phone.

Blockus-spatial reasoning, area

Traffic Jam-spatial reasoning

Chess-logic, spatial reasoning

Ticket to Ride-visualization, geography

Hi Ho Cherry-O-counting

Finally, the elementary math curriculum,

Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®, published by Pearson Scott Foresman,

provides many games that are used as homework. This curriculum may be checked out from the MAPS Math library. I have successfully taught from earlier editions of the curriculum that can be purchased rather inexpensively online.

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