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Make parallel lines on!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Cutting parallel lines with a transversal can be a drag unless you can DRAG the transversal and watch the angles change! In this blog, we will be constructing parallel lines cut by a transversal in

1. Type into your browser. Choose "Geometry”.

2. Use the line tool to tap two places on your screen to construct a line.

3. Click MORE to access the parallel line tool. Tap the screen somewhere not on the line, and tap the line itself.

4. Click on the "move" arrow. Drag the parallel lines to see that they stay parallel.

5. Use the point tool to put points on the lines and intersections so that you can measure the angles.

6. Use the angle measure tool to measure the angles by clicking 3 points. The middle point of each angle should be the vertex. Measure all eight angles. Clean up your construction by clicking the move arrow to drag your measurements to be easy to read. You can add color by clicking on the measurements and filling like colors for equivalent angles.

7. Click on the "move" arrow and drag your construction to see the angles that stay the same!

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