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Ways Parents Impact Math Achievement

Parents impact students’ math achievement in several ways*. First, parents motivate their children to learn by being involved in the children’s education. Whether at school or at home, parents engaging in the teaching and learning process instills a value of mathematics in the child.

Second, parents sharing ways that they use math and solve problems provides prior knowledge for children to then later build on as they learn concepts from their math curriculum. If parents increase their own knowledge and education, this also spills into the learning community of the home.

Third, providing breakfast and reducing sugar has also been shown to increase student achievement. Protecting children from abuse is an indicator as well; children can and should be taught to protect themselves.

Finally, your happy, loving home impacts student achievement more than you know by freeing students to focus on learning and creativity as opposed to worrying about whether mom and dad will fight tonight.

Some ways parents impact student achievement are rather simple (e.g. breakfast). Yet others such as achieving peace in the home can be harder than a math problem. The Math for Adults Foundation website provides resources and research to encourage families, schools, and communities in all of these areas. Start by focusing on just one area of improvement, and take one step at a time. Share your success stories by commenting below!

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