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How long 'til we get there?

Put the GPS in your children’s hands as you travel, and have them guide you! They will learn about left from right, decimals, map reading, speed, and giving directions. You can have conversations like this:

If we drive 65 miles per hour, how far will we travel in one hour? (65 miles)

How far will we go in 1.5 hours? (Take 65 mi/hr * 1.5 hr = 97.5 miles)

How far is it until the next turn? “3.5” Oh, you mean three and five tenths. That’s 3 ½ miles.

Or, if you want to get some geography in,

I wonder how far it is from here to Ecuador? What’s the fastest way to get there?

One word of caution though, treat your smartphone like a chainsaw. The internet is a wonderful, but dangerous tool, not to be trusted without supervision in the hands of your children.

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